I will design and develop your Websites and Apps

Hi, My name is Jared and I am an aspiring web developer. I will work diligently using my skills to build the best website for you!

A Little About Me.

My Name is Jared McCarver. I am a recent graduate of NC State in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I currently work at Stewart Engineers where I am developing a web app to automate Glass Coatings. In my spare time, I love bowling, reading fantasy and history books, and spending time with my 3 cats.

Featured Projects

Freeman Pet Shop

Forum created in Django using AWS S3 buckets to share your pets and display foster pets available for adoption. The database is PostgreSQL and the app is hosted on Heroku.

Reddit Clone

Reddit Clone built in Next js based of tutorial by Ben Awad. Front end is hosted on Vercel. Backend is hosted on a digital ocean droplet that utilizes Dokku and Docker Containers.

Jared McCarver

This is my personal webpage. I created it using React and Next JS to showcase my skills in the design and development of Full-Stack and Front-End apps.

Let's Chat

Do not hesitate to contact me about any inquries or concerns you may have. I am always ready to talk!